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ferragamo belt replica learned that this is not a minority, his former small three to block 600 watches, he saved a week did not save it, was completely dark. It is too difficult to save private money, ah, like the kind of day 20, you save 10 yuan a day frugally, save two months ah. Do not eat or drink, ferragamo belt replica have to save a month ah. He said that in the North the wife-in-law, to control your money, is to control your people. Do not give up the tube is not thought of. Later, I went to do the hair, the store owner also had no money in his pocket, his wife bought more ugly clothes he would wear ugly, out shopping can not argue with his wife, dare to throw you directly to the street, you walk on your own come back. Is this a feminist with Hermes characteristics? Let a man lose economic autonomy after marriage, in order to attach to a woman, ferragamo belts replica subject to women's management.

ferragamo replica belt old society deprived women of property rights, so that a woman dedicated to slaves, is not exactly the same? I understand you are less than half the salary is very angry, that is, did not surrender this man, so no confidence in the marriage. He does not give birth to his family life, you can not take in people, we must make a comprehensive security and then talk of marriage. This feeling is really not easy, two people who talk about friends, began to talk about business,salvatore ferragamo belt replica one million contracts repeated, never settle down, the last anxious face turned out. You are not off, not in the business of righteousness okay? No, you lose your husband and discount soldiers. Retirement marriage this killer are out, afraid of embezzling your property people, just want to return the deposit. Your negotiation skills are not good. Most people pretend to pretend that I love people, not money. Waiting for someone, can not run, ferragamo replica belts and then a little bit of his money.